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We believe Kirk and Baker will be the incubator for young artists to explore their potential while succeeding in their field. The age of the starving artist is over, it is time for the next generation of artists to stand and define their place in the market. The business of merchandising art is an untapped market waiting to unfold and bloom with the next wave of fine artists.

Sarah J. Baliotti

Sarah J. Baliotti

Growing up in the Garden State, most days are spent outside with friends getting your hands dirty. This core experience influenced Sarah's professional career and developed her ability to become skilled at various mediums and techniques. Sarah attended Ringling College of Art + Design and University of the Arts. You can find her spending her free time eating in small restaurants, drinking fine tea, to the tune of live music across the country with friends and family.

Joseph Patrick Arnegger

Joseph graduated from Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida and found the beautiful color and amazing light of the area that remains in his present work. His work goes beyond the canvas into community projects and organizations. This speaks to the influence of many parts of his early years and how he connects to others through art.


Meg Linen

Meg's current focus is on team leadership, mentoring, and coaching AKA she wants to be the boss she always wished she had. Meg's career experience has oriented around the digital applications of copy — ranging from conceptual campaigns and new experiences to content strategy and UX writing. Meg graduated with a B.F.A. in Advertising Design from Ringling College of Art and Design. Clients she has worked with a range of major companies such as XFINITY, Philadelphia Museum of Art, Adult Swim, Spotify, Google, Apple, Levi's and more. 

Nathaniel Rothenberger

Nate is a highly-experienced Motion Designer with a demonstrated history of working within the art industry. Skilled in Animation, Photography, Editing, and Design. B.A. in Motion Design with a focus in Photography from Ringling College of Art + Design and Veteran of the U.S. Navy.

Eric J. Chrisner Esq.

Eric has 14 years of civil litigation and general counsel experience with a focus on entertainment and all contracts.  Early in his career, Eric secured trial victories against some of the largest banks in the world based on nuanced contractual arguments. He has since been apply those skills to help protect businesses and individuals that cannot afford the attention of the ivory tower law firms. Representing eccentric, up-and-coming artists and businesses has become his passion. 

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