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Kirk & Baker Inc. creates a dialog with other creatives to expand our collections, contacts, and friends. We encourage creatives to submit an artist submission form for upcoming limited release drops. We are open to all unique creatives on a selective basis chosen by our team.



BICHAEL BURPHY aka Michael Murphy is an interactive digital artist whom mainly works on IRL experiences on a massive scale. BURPHY focuses on larger than life interactive designs in an event setting. Partners include Marriott Hotels, GRAE Productions, Sarasota Opera, and many other companies. BURPHY is available for hire to fulfill your big picture ideas. BURPHY provided us a few of his private collection pieces for this pop-up, these designs will not be produced again. 

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Johnny B is an adult industry multiple award winner and event personality. Johnny's creative style stems from the LGBTQ+ community and his hands on experience traveling the world as a tank operator for the United States Army throughout the South Pacific. Johnny brings a certain vibe to our collection that can only be described as adventurous chic. Johnny is available for hire for film projects, modeling, and events. Johnny's designed these items with our in-house team and they will not be reproduced again.

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Hector Esteban has worked with Kirk & Baker Inc. in some capacity since inception. Hector is one of our original artists and continues his partnership with our team year after year from contracts to gallery shows we support Hector's vision across the country. Hector is available for hire for unique and graphic designs on a contract basis. Hector draws inspiration from his culture, travels and personal life. 

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Manny Rangel is a multi-discipline artist focusing on the world around him. The work Manny produces provides an in-depth discovery of the world around him and how society has evolved in his lifetime. Manny noticed more and more that the mind is a very fragile concept that can be corrupted by the most insignificant actions, objects, or thoughts. The more he observes human interaction or lack of the more he notices how broken people seem. Manny's physical artwork is available for sale.

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J.P.A. is a founding member of Kirk & Baker Inc. with a focus on sharing his curatorial and artistic knowledge to the next generation. JPA has been featured in many publications and has also led a TEDx talk on reviving arts in a small town. Arnegger's work is composed in layers of nostalgic image and color.  This speaks to the influence of many time periods and many different painters throughout art history.  The materials, already with a sense of history of their own, range from found wood to industrial metals.  This, combined with his set of icons, patinas and deliberate mark making, creates images that are unconventionally beautiful yet deeply moving, demanding a second look. JPA is available for hire in a various amount of ways from curatorial installation to custom home designs. 

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LOCALBEAN aka Sarah Jane is a multi-media artist who founded this company alongside a group of friends with the intent to bring artists together after working in the corporate sector for over a decade. In those 10 years, LOCALBEAN watched countless companies treat artists poorly or pay them unfair wages. This inspired LOCALBEAN to put their artwork out in the public eye at appropriate prices to reflect the dedication and commitment artists all over the world are working toward. All sales of LOCALBEAN will go to furthering this idea of paying artists higher than the living standard and to eliminate the starving artist worldwide. None of these designs will be produced again.


GRIZZLY KRIZNER is a corporate contract litigator and international corporate compliance officer for over 15 years. GRIZZLY has a hands-on approach to fighting for the rights of artists and small business owners which shaped his belief of fighting for the unheard artist. GRIZZLY is also an avid PHISH fan and has attended over 100 shows nationwide introducing him to many folks of all walks of life. This is GRIZZLY's first time releasing his ideas to the public with the assistance of our in-house design team. GRIZZLY is available for hire on contract litigation, small business start up needs, and more. Due to the nature of his work we reserved his contact information. If you wish to contact GRIZZLY please send us an email and we will connect you. All sales of GRIZZLY's work will be used to help the future of emerging artists through our outreach program.

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