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Sailor's Take Warning Bandana

Sailor's Take Warning Bandana


Sailor's Take Warning bandana is hand made in London, UK from 100% Cotton Pima Lawn fabric and is perfect for adding a splash of personality to your look. This simple yet statement accessory is a must-have for anyone with a love for art.  Each bandana is handmade, ensuring each one is of the highest quality. This item is produced in limited quantities and comes with a certificate of authenticity.


Artwork by Joseph Patrick Arnegger

Designed by Kirk & Baker Inc.

  • Size & Weight

    • 22.4" x 22.4" 
    • (2.2 oz)
  • Care Instructions

    • Wash at 86°F
    • Tumble dry on low heat 
    • Iron on low heat
  • Production Info

    This bandana is handmade with Pima Cotton fabric which is part of our natural Cotton family. 240 thread count. The front and back textures are both silky and smooth, the material flows and drapes beautifully, but does have a stiff quality to it that makes it great for retaining shape.