We believe Kirk and Baker will be the incubator for young artists to explore their potential while succeeding in their field. The age of the starving artist is over, it is time for the next generation of artists to stand and define their place in the market. The business of merchandising art is an untapped market waiting to unfold and bloom with the next wave of fine artists.

Sarah J. Baliotti

Growing up in the Garden State, most days are spent outside with friends getting your hands dirty. This influenced Sarah's professional work and developed her ability to become skilled at various mediums and techniques. You can find her spending her free time eating in small restaurants, drinking fine tea, to the tune of live music across the country with friends and family.


Patrick Arnegger

Joseph's graduated from the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, and while there, he found beautiful color and the amazing light that remains in his present work. His work is composed of layers of nostalgic image and color.  This speaks to the influence of many time periods and many different painters throughout art history.