White Line Fever Passport Cover

White Line Fever Passport Cover

White Line Fever Passport Cover is handmade in London, UK with 100% Nappa Leather to accompany you on all your travels, and strike the balance between security and style. The internal flaps can be used to tuck your photo page into, you can easily identify your most important document. The standard size can fit US, UK, ESP, ITA, FRA, AUS passports, and the larger size will fit NL, as well as old and new DE passports. This item is produced in limited quantities and comes with a certificate of authenticity and is stamped with a series number for authenticity purposes.

  • Size & Weight

    • 49.21" x 34.64"
    • (2.5 oz)
  • Care Instructions

    Clean the surface with a slightly damp cloth. Because we use unique pieces of real leather to make each passport cover, the grain of the leather might be visible. Over time and with use, a creased patina will begin to develop, which is a charming effect showing the authenticity of the leather.

  • Production Info

    Unique sheets of Nappa leather are printed onto directly using dye-sublimation techniques. This fuses the inks deep into the fibers of the material, creating a permanent print that won't fade, peel away or scratch off. The leather is cut to size and hand-stitched together by our expert seamstresses. Please be assured that we source the finest leather available and each passport cover is truly one of a kind.